Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is temporary job?

Temporary work is a form of employment, which involves three parties: the employee, the employment agency and client agencies, so-called – user employer.

Is the temporary employee is entitled to leave?

Yes, entering a temporary employment contract, you are entitled to an annual leave of two days for each full month of being at the disposal of one’s employer. The final dimension of your holiday depends on seniority. Holidays are not entitled to a period for which the previous employer used up leave.

Is a temporary employee may terminate an employment contract?

Yes, both you and the user employer may terminate an employment contract for a specified period. The notice period is as follows: 3 days, when the agreement was concluded for a period not exceeding two weeks, one week, when the agreement was concluded for a period longer than two weeks, the period shall run forever from the nearest Sunday to next Saturday.

Is being underage, I can be a temporary worker?

Yes, if you have not completed the 18th years of age, you may be hired on the basis of a temporary employment contract. In this case, the provisions of the Labour Code relating to the employment of young people.

When a temporary employee is paid salary?

The salary will be paid not later than the 10th day of the month following the month in which you performed the work.

Is the period of temporary work is included in the pension?

Yes, the period in which you were hired as a temporary employee, will be taken into account in determining the amount of the pension. This time is also included to seniority.

Is the employee entitled to temporary health insurance?

Yes, we employ you on the basis of a temporary employment contract., as an employer, pays social security contributions, and completes all required formalities in this regard.

Is a temporary employee registered in a semi HR is required to accept any work submitted by the agency?

No, you are not obliged to accept any offer that you present. You decide where and when you work.

How long does it take to get jobs?

The waiting time for a job can be different. Depends on the current situation on the local labor market, the season, your qualifications, experience and, above all, on your availability.

Is an unemployed person registered with the Office of Labor must report to the office that temporary work?

So, as a temporary employee you are required to inform the Labour Office about the fact employability within 7 calendar days.